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Radiant Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. & its subsidiaries can be summarised as a purely family oriented business that is in a stage of transition to the 2nd generation. The hard work and determined will of the founder is reflected in the fiercely independent businesses setup and the sheer scale of vertical integration achieved within the short span of 50 years

Dani Chand is the Founder and current Chairman of Radiant Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd., and its various subsidiaries.

The meagre liquor retail store in 1969 was only a beginning. Brick-by-brick, he put together more retail stores in Dimapur, becoming a wholesaler of IMFL. The natural expansion came about with point of warehousing and sales being setup in Assam, West Bengal and Bhutan. In 2001 he established in KhatKhati, KarbiAnglong, Assam; 'Radiant Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.', a bottling plant manufacturing regional in-house brands and products. A decade down the line the Radiant brand portfolio has further expanded. The passion for producing consistent blends and maintaining quality drove to set up the Distillery division.

We believe in SELF - SUSTAINING & RECYCLING practices and encourage concrete factory set-up go hand-in-hand with green cover across our campuses.

The by-products generated in the due process of manufacturing at its Distillation plant are DWGS ( Distillers Wet Grains Soluble ) and DDGS ( Dried Distillers Grain in Soluble ), used as cattle feed that support the farming sector and the fly ash generated from the power plant is used in the manufacture of bricks and paver blocks.